One of the scariest for most men is to be considered less of man because of low testosterone levels.  Studies indicate that testosterone levels in men are lower now than at any other time. The unhealthy lifestyles, obesity and use of modern medications are to blame for the decline.

Testosterone decrease is a serious issue because it might mean less drive, less muscle mass and everything that is at the center of manhood. However, the good news is that testosterone levels can be boosted by natural and other supplements. Most of these supplements have been proven to enhance testosterone levels and preventing it from being converted into oestrogen.

Here are two of the most potent testosterone boosting supplements:

Vitamin D

We all know that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced by exposure to the sun. However, what many people may not know is that there is a relationship between low vitamin D levels and less testosterone.  The number of people of exposed to sunlight has declined over the years, and that has far-reaching impacts on the testosterone levels and other important factors such as sperm quantity and quality. Therefore, to improve the levels of testosterone one should take in as much sunlight as possible.


You may already know this root vegetable because it is a fixture on sushi plates and tea cups, but it is healthy benefits are even better than imagined. Ginger has been used for several years as an alternative medicine. Research has shown that ginger has several health benefits such as increasing levels of testosterone and reducing inflammation in the body.  Animal tests in rodents have shown that ginger increases the testosterone levels.

In another human study, 75 infertile men who receive daily ginger supplement recorded a 17% growth in testosterone levels, and the sperm count also recorded a 16% increase. Although it is not very clear how ginger does this, eating ginger in various is in your best interests because it has several other health benefits.