Natural Adderall is one the most active and widely drug that is used as a prescription drug for ADHD, especially in children. However, many people are scared because the side effects can be pretty severe. No wonder, many people are looking for like for like replacement. Adderall substitute that can do the same job with limited side effects.

Some of these alternatives are nootropics, herbals and prescription drugs.  We are going to look at some natural alternative to Adderall.   Ensure that you get clearance from your doctor   before you start using other medication if you are using Adderall.


This mild nootropic is used by many people to enhance their cognition and attentiveness. It works best if used for a long time.    For instance, a student needs to use for an entire semester to get the best result in end term exams.  Although it is recommended for long-term use, there are no withdrawal symptoms like other stimulants.  It is considered a mid-range Nootropic that has no serious side-effects. Follow all your doctor’s prescription to be on the safe side.  AdderRX also enables you to have a sound sleep at night.


Modafinil is a prescription drug that is used to treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and apnea. It has become famous for its off-label uses such as improvement of the brain’ cognitive functions such as learning and memory. Modafinil is used as an energy booster by people involved in demanding jobs such as computer programmers. Modafinil is an active drug so the user might experience some side effects such as nausea, mild headache.


A moderately potent Nootropic that doesn’t have many serious side effects.   The biggest benefit of aniracetam is mood improvement. You can handle whatever pressures that life throws at you.  You can take on many hard projects without a breakdown.  Aniracetam also improves focus to enable you to finish your tasks with little effort.    It is appreciated by many because it is a natural method of enhancing cognitive functions. Various clinical studies have shown that aniracetam can improve memory, alertness, and concentration and promote creativity.