We all experience anxiety at some point in life. No one is completely immune to it. When people start experiencing a constant state of worry or anxiety,they are often advised to seek medical attention. Consistent anxiety can cause serious mental problems if not treated early. Of course, there are several ways of handling anxiety. Stress can be managed through eating a proper and balanced diet, with conscious breathing, and regular exercises.

The good news, if you are looking for remedies, is that there are natural herbs that can be used to treat anxiety. Most of these are safe, efficient and non-habit forming. This is more than can be said about most prescription medications that treat tension or depression. These natural herbs can be helpful for patients who are struggling with anxiety and many other challenges. These are three natural herbs, which can be used to combat stress effectively every day.

  1. CBD Oil: CBD Oil has been proven to be effective remedy for individuals who suffer from anxiety and other kinds of stress. It is also used by people experiencing restlessness, muscle tension and jaw clenching. CBD Oil can be taken as a tea or in tincture form to get outstanding results.

  1. Passion flowers (Passiflora incarnata): Passion flower can be used as a remedy for people experiencing anxiety or depression. The product is effective in reducing burnout, heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat that may result in further stress. Just like CBD, this herb is useful in both tea and tincture form. Many people report that it is easy to use this remedy in tinctures form too. It is recommended to use 20 -40 drops of tincture, which are enough to give relief after 15 minutes.

  1. Kava kava( Piper methysticum): Kava kava is one of the best anti-anxiety herbs that can be used to relieve tension and calm your nerves.  Kava kava herb is widely used in Polynesia for medicinal purposes too. The herb is sedative and contains properties that can be calming and peaceful . The herbs can be used for 3-4 times per week to reduce anxiety. The herbs are available in tincture and capsule.



There are a lot of ways to treat anxiety and depression naturally. Find out more about the organic and herbal remedies that can make you feel better and get lasting results.