It can be hard to get through the day. Long afternoons (especially in the office) can take a lot to stay awake and alert during. Caffeine and energy shots may do the trick, but are often short-term, and can be followed by a crash.

These are a few supplements that are sure to improve your concentration over time while providing a safe and effective pick me up.

1) Noopept Increases Motivation and concentration on an ongoing basis. It provides neuroprotective advantages and is a valuable addition for cognitive purposes.

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2)L-Theanine cultivates anti-anxiety effects and is a valuable addition to the daily sleeping regimen. The synergy that it provides is excellent because it can combine gently with other numerous nootropics.


3)Citicoline can be used in conjunction with the noopept and l-theanine to create a stress free and energizing result. These factors are significant because of headache prevention and aspects of mental clarity that it can bring into the mix.

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Try these three products together or separately to improve your concentration and daily productivity!