The use of natural herbs goes way back. Civilization all the world have used all sorts of natural remedies to cure illness way before the invention of western medicine. Some of the herbal remedies have been used to cure high cholesterol, chronic pain, mild depression and diabetes.

However, some herbs can pose great dangers to your health, and there is a need to watch out. Some herbal remedies are known to contain carcinogenic and other poisonous compounds.  We all agree that it is a risk to take any medication that has unforeseen health risks. Perhaps one of the reasons that promote this practice is that herbal supplements aren’t required to follow the same strict process set out by the FDA. To be on the safe side, check out if your herbal supplement has the USP identification.

Here are four supplements that you need to stay away from.

Ayurvedic supplements

The use of Ayurveda in for treatment and healing of various conditions goes back thousands of years.  The supplements have been in use for a long time, and they have become popular, but you need to be wary of using these supplements. Some of them contain a poisonous heavy metal such as mercury and lead. Using these supplements can be very fatal.

Herbs from outside the country

As mentioned above, only herbal remedies from the US have the USP certification, and they are the safest you can get. Other supplements coming from outside, especially China might be risky. Some others are grown in soils with heavy metal and can pose great health challenges.  You are never sure what you are getting into with herbs from overseas because of them are unregulated.

Any herbs that doesn’t require a doctor’s permission

Even the mildest and innocent-looking   herbs can be dangerous if you don’t get your doctor’s   prescription. Some herbal remedies interact negatively with prescription drugs, and there is a need to get a physician’s clearance before going ahead.  For instance, garlic can be dangerous if mixed with high blood pressure medications.

Compound supplements

Patients using a combination of 5 to 6   herbs face unprecedented health risks. Some patients use the supplement that has the same ingredients without knowing it which may end up building toxicity in the body. Make sure that you consult your physician to get   the best supplement.