We all dream of having the ability to remain focused and be able to remember all the relevant information.   But more often than not, our brains forget the most important details, or sometimes we are just  so fatigued that we can’t seem to churn out the right kind of thoughts.

Brain hacking also referred to as neurological enhancement is the latest craze. Where areas of brains such as memory, learning and productivity and energy are enhanced so that we can achieve more with little effort.

Here are 5 best Nootropic that can help to hack your brain

1. Modafinil

A euphoric drug that has been approved for use in the USA since 1998.  Modafinil has become popular, mainly for off-label use such as cognition enhancement and alertness. The drug has become more popular with students, especially when the exam is knocking on the door. Modafinil gives them the ability to stay up and take in as much as they can. Modafinil enhances the release of dopamine like other Nootropics, but it doesn’t cause addiction or withdrawals symptoms like other substances such as caffeine.

2. Armodafinil

It is a generic form of Modafinil, but it is considered more potent. One 50mg tablet of Armodafinil is seen as stronger than a 200mg Modafinil tablet. The effects of Armodafinil also kick in faster and remain in the body for longer than Modafinil.  Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that the drug massively boosts productivity.

3. Racetam

This is a class that contains that many compounds. The working of Racetam aren’t very clear, but it has proven to be a very useful Nootropic.   Some common Racetams include phenylpiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam.  Taking these compounds improves your cognitive abilities such as learning and memory.

4. Nicotine

Is a very effective Nootropic when taken in moderation, it can significantly enhance your brain power.  Get the help of a physician about the exact dosage that you need per day so that you don’t take more than you can handle.

5. Adderall

It may not be the best brain supplement, but it has been a great hit among college students for years around exam time.    When taken in correct dosage, Adderall improves motivation, focus, and cognition, but it can also result in feelings of jitteriness like caffeine.   Please get clearance from a medical professional before using Adderall.