Adrafinil is a nootropic that is used to improved cognition and alertness. The drug has a proven record of helping people fight sleepiness, fatigue, and exhaustion. No wonder, the drug has become popular among shift workers, students, and individuals who engaged in extended hours of work.  Lab results have shown that Adrafinil is a potent drug, but it doesn’t have the adverse side effects when compared to smart drugs.

Adrafinil works by boosting the level of neurotransmitters’ hypocretin which promotes alertness and wakefulness. The increase in dosage can lead to a reduction of tiredness. Adrafinil also works by stimulating the human body to be ready for more activity. It does by enhancing the release of the glutamate so that learning and memory and significantly increased.

The ideal dosage of Adrafinil is 600-1200 mg per day. It should be taken with water, juice or even on an empty stomach. The recommended time for taking it would be in the morning.

Adrafinil effects

The use of Adrafinil is considered short in the long term as an active wakefulness promoting agent. Laboratory studies indicate the use of Adrafinil can promote motivation.

Adrafinil can lead to changes of behavior for some people. For instance, laconic people become more talkative when they take the drug.  Modafinil has significant health benefits for people working on shifts, but due care needs to be taken because it is also accompanied with contraindications. Adrafinil is a nootropic of choice for many people involved in high-energy work.