Ancient Chinese medicine has grown in popularity in recent years. It is increasingly becoming integrated as a supplementary way to manage conditions while undergoing  conventional medication or treatment.

Mind-body practices borrowed from Chinese medicine insist on prevention and holistic treatment. Although some people remain unconvinced about the role and effectiveness of Chinese medicine, research shows that it makes a big difference in the lives of many patients. That is why the most notable advantage that many patients report is the high levels of compliance compared to other forms of medication. Here are some benefits of traditional Chinese medicine:
7. It can reduce your risk of cancer and inflammation. Alternative Chinese medicine is known to have antioxidants, anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory functions. This results in low levels of inflammation, which ultimately results in a lower risk of cancer development.

6. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and cognitive impairment. They can also help to cure unhealthy lifestyle habits such as overeating, cigarette smoking, and chronic stress.
5. Chinese medicine reduces chronic pain: Chinese medicine has been in practice for more than 3,500 years, and it has become popular with patients looking for a cure for chronic pain caused arthritis, headaches or muscles.

4. Alternative Chinese medicine such as Tai Chi combined with a healthy diet is very efficient for curing chronic pain.

3. Studies found that patients using Chinese medicine to cure chronic headaches experienced better prospects compared to those in placebo control groups. Tai Chi helps patients to overcome chronic pain in three major aspects; mind-body interactions, meditation, and adaptive exercise.
2. Improved cognitive health is another great advantage: Chinese medicine can help to improve memory and brain health. It can help to alleviate suffering caused by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia too .

  1. Ailments that are due to an increase in inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, environmental toxins and lack of proper utilization of glucose are all treatable. Herbal extracts such as ATRA Cty lodes, ginseng, and rhubarb are known to promote blood circulation preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

These are just some of the ways herbal chinese medicines can benefit your life!