brain booster pills - How To Create the Attention Span That Gets Better Grades

How To Create the Attention Span That Gets Better Grades

Can’t remember enough of the important stuff? This can be an issue of concern if you are a student preparing for exams. You may have tried lots of strategies, but none of them have worked for you. Did you know that eating certain foods and nootropics can give your brain the fuel you need to get through exams? If you take good care of your mind, you can be guaranteed to get better grades.

Improving focus and memory is a pretty important thing for most college students. Having a better working memory, attention span and commitment lead to higher grades. A growing number of college students are turning to nootropics and other cognitive enhancers to improve their cognitive functions and memory.

There are many ways to take nootropics if you want to increase your memory.  Nootropics help improve brain power, attentiveness, and alertness. Here are two of the best nootropics to increase your attention span:
This is go-to a pill for many people, whether you are looking for extra energy to pull an all-nighter or some general alertness to stay focused on accomplishing tasks ahead of you. Modafinil approved by the FDA for treatment of narcolepsy is good for brain enhancement, better reasoning skills, and better learning. The better thing is that Modafinil doesn’t have any severe side effects to worry about like other stimulants such as amphetamines.
Racetams are some of the most trusted and widely used nootropics. They are fat soluble and fast reaction time. They were originally meant to be used by people with neurological problems. Studies have shown that the Racetams are useful for enhancing memory, which results in better concentration and improved communication skills.

How To Get More Out of your Study time

One of the best ways to finish college successfully with good grades is to learn how to make the most of your study time. There are many ways to help you with studying and performing well in class. There are some basics that many of us already know such as exercise, proper diet, and enough sleep.
Here are some great nootropics stacks that can help any student who needs to get the most out of their study time.
Take a dose of 200mg daily to help you improve your focus and attentiveness. A cup of coffee and caffeine tablets makes a good stack with L-Theanine to reduce the jitteriness of caffeine. This will give clarity of thought and a sense of clear focus. It will help you to study much better.
Alpha GPC
The recommended dose is 300-600 mg daily. This substance helps to boost the acetylcholine levels in the brain. Acetylcholine is responsible for memory and other cognitive functions. It is a heavy supplement; it is recommended to be taken with Racetams such as Pramiracetam. This will help to maximize the effects and reduce any possibility of adverse side effects such as headaches.
Caffeine is perhaps the most commonly used and widely available stimulant. Caffeine works well with Racetam to give you high energy to help you focus and improve your performance. You may decide to brew with some bitter coffee, but caffeine tablets seem to work fine by themselves. A caffeine L-Theanine stack helps to get rid of jitteriness letting you focus and study better.
This is one of the most potent nootropics that can help you when you need tons of concentration or extreme focus to prepare for exams. The most important benefit of nootropics is unparalleled attention. The effects are felt almost immediately

How To Quickly Improve your Brain Power

We all wish our brains were more active and potent than they may be. It can be frustrating when you get to the exam room, and can’t seem to remember simple stuff. However, the good news is there are many great brain hacks to get you amped up for whatever tasks that are ahead of you. Nootropics improve memory, learning, productivity and mental energy. Here are some nootropics that can help you to get your brain performing well.
The Racetam family contains a variety of compounds such as phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam, and pramiracetam. Although it is not truly clear how this class of nootropics works there is evidence to suggest that it is a cognitive enhancer to get the best out of your brain.
Armodafinil is a class of medication also known as a wakefulness-promoting agent. It is a generic form of Modafinil but considered to be more powerful. It has a shorter reaction time and a longer half-life. If you are looking for nootropics to increase your alertness and productivity, then you might want to try Armodafinil. Make sure that you get clearance from your doctor or physician because some people are allergic to Armodafinil.

How to Use Cognitive Enhancement to Stand Out

Cognitive enhancement is a great way to  improve brain power and performance. The question that people keep asking is, how far can we go? It is important to note that people for centuries have always tried to improve their brain power and intellect through the use of herbal supplements, training, study and hard work.

The rise of smart drugs such as Modafinil, Racetam and Ritalin have given a short cut to all those who seek to get ahead of their peers. Indeed, cognitive enhancement gives one an edge due to improved concentration and attentiveness to enable you to clear your to-do list.
As expected, cognitive enhancement has raised questions about ethical issues. Some have wondered if cognitive enhancement could be a form of cheating. There have been fears that students are using nootropics to do well in exams. Should students be screened of Modafinil after exams to determine if they are ‘clean’?
The world today has become very competitive, which means that people are rated based upon their performance. The more productive you are, the more likely you attract a better job, promotion or a pay rise. Thus the use of nootropics for cognitive enhancement leads to a situation with positional benefit. This means that one improves their position about their peers and colleagues.