Citicoline (CDP) is one of the most widely known brain supplements available. The product is highly safe and effective in keeping the brain healthy. Citicoline increases both cognitive functions and general brain health by retaining the brain in the better condition necessary for neurotransmitter growth. Citicoline is a nootropic compound that is used to enhance different mental processes connected to memory, logical reasoning, learning and focus.

Citicoline is a substance that exists in the body apart from being a nutritional supplement. The substance is a soluble compound that is an important intermediary in the manufacturing of phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is one of the key elements of grey matter brain tissue. The synthesis of phosphadylcholine helps in the production of other types of phospholipids, which are important components of cell membranes.

Citicoline has been proven to be the best supplement that can be used to boost the effectiveness of other nootropics when consumed in a stack.  The stacks are used mostly by elderly people with the cognitive shortage and in the treatment of stroke victims. The use of citicoline in stacks is taking root among casual users and students who desire to remember more and perform well in school. In addition, citicoline reduces stress and improves the feeling of general well-being when used with other nootropic supplements.

Its said that citicoline improves the level of mental energy. Many users note that citicoline enhances attention span, concentration, and focus, which stimulates motivation and vitality at work. Doctors use citicoline to treat head trauma, dementia, cerebral vascular disease and other cognitive diseases. Citicoline is useful in protecting neurons from injuries such as excessive alcohol consumption and brain trauma damage.

Just like any other supplements, Citicoline has few side effects for users. The users may experience general mild, diarrhea, insomnia, headache and other intestinal challenges. However, these side effects can be managed through taking the dosage that is not quite high. The recommended dose is in the range from 500 to 2000mg daily. Consumers can use the alternative nootropics to reduce headaches due to the brains’ increased need for Acetylcholine.