Integrative medicine is the combination of western principles and non-traditional or alternative practices. Acupuncture and mind-body approaches to enhance the health of the patient are wonderful methods that can be used to alleviate pain, lessen symptoms or side effects and improve overall quality of life.

Discussing your options when it comes to alternative medicine is an important part of the recovery and treatment process. It reinforces the importance of having a good relationship between the patient and the medical practitioner. It employs multiple aspects of therapeutic response to ensure that the patient gets a complete plan including all available resources.

Integrative medicine practitioners combine western medicine and other forms of treatment to get the desired results. For instance, a doctor might give you a medical prescription then add in recommendations for a daily walk or jog around the neighborhood. A cancer patient receiving integrative medicine might also be recommended yoga, meditation, and acupuncture alongside chemo sessions.
Lots of medical practitioners can implement integrative medicine. Naturopathic or osteopathic doctor can do this well, and frequently have received more training in order to be versed in available methods. The basic training of an osteopathic doctor comprises  further instruction on human anatomy and natural treatments for various ailments. Meanwhile an MD doctor gets conventional medical training plus lots of education nutrition, botanicals, and prescription based therapy.

Once you receive a treatment plan from your physician it can be a good idea to learn about what alternative or natural methods can be used alongside with their plan. A doctor may recommend you to meet with a naturopath or chiropractor to gain the resources to properly address your health. Learning about natural therapies including yoga and accupuncture can be a rewarding new experience since many such techniques can show results in a short amount of time. Utilizing integrative medicine will be sure to leave you feeling much better with improved health prospects and a sense of well being.

Different medical practitioners handle their craft in unique ways. There are some common tests that you will be subjected to by almost all natural physicians such as cholesterol check, physical exams and blood work. These are routine tests that will help you get a comprehensive understanding of your care and treatment plans. For conditions that cannot be treated in one session alone or may be chronically recurring, physicians may recommend a therapist or physical rehabilitation specialist. This is an opportunity to ask about the possibilty for integrative medicine to be incorporated in your care plan.

No matter what you are dealing with, integrative medicine is a great way to add on natural and sustainable practices to your life. You can feel a lot better, especially if you are suffering from chronic conditions, when involving natural methods. If you find yourself in chronic pain and want lasting support that doesnt come from the pharmacy, try kratom or CBD. These natural herbs are just a couple integrative and holistic solutions that are sure to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Find out how integrative medicine can help you today!