Kava is commonly used to prepare tea, but is also a dietary supplement.

Try kava in one of these great forms:

  • Capsules are convenient and can be taken as needed throughout the day
  • Get a tincture for the most powerful experience with this herb. Kava tinctures are gentle and effective with potent results.
  • For an authentic experience, take kava root capsules and get a host of nutritional benefits in addition to anxiety relief.

Uses of kava
The main use of kava is to promote relaxation. The shrub has been marketed as a cure for stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other stress related symptoms. Clinical studies have backed up the use of kava for its calming effects. Kava has kavalactones compounds credited for its psychoactive qualities too. No wonder some studies have suggested that kava is even better than benzodiazepines. Studies have shown that kava doesn’t negatively influence blood pressure, heart rate, or sexual function. Kava can also be used to cure insomnia because it doesn’t interfere with normal sleep patterns.

Kava’s roots and stems are the most sought after because they are made into psychoactive beverages that have been used in islands of South Pacific for hundreds of years. Kava or kava-kava is a small shrub which is believed to have first appeared in Vanuatu before spreading to other islands in the Oceania region.

The root has been used for treatment and in various ceremonies from time immemorial.
Kava is prepared by crushing the root or stem in the porous sack. This powder is immersed in water so that it can be squeezed into wooden bowls. You will feel an enhanced attentiveness after gulping down a cup or two which triggers a great feeling of relaxation. Kava is mainly non-habit forming, but some people have reported dependence after using it for some time.