Neuroprotective herbs are herbal compounds that help to stabilize physiological processes and help the body to cope with stress. That’s because you have control over the stressors that come your way but you can choose to effectively adapt and deal with whatever life throws at you.  

Stress has become a major problem in the modern life. Eating into daily life and contributing to various serious health problems. One of the major reasons why you should use neuroprotective products is because they are natural substances that help to reduce and neutralize the impact of stress. They also help the body to cope with sudden changes and maintain homeostasis in the middle of stressing experiences. Neuroprotective agents are meant to help regulate the body respond and stressing conditions that would otherwise lead to serious damage and major health problems.

Herbal Outfitters has multiple neuroprotective products such as Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri,Ginseng and the whole fruiting body medicinal mushroom extracts. Click on each of the products below to find out more. 


Many natural nootropics contain neuroprotective properties which means that they have potential to help you deal with stress while improving other aspects such as emotional, physical and cognitive health.