nutropic - 3 Proven Ways to Know nootropics are safe

nutropic are cognitive enhancing drugs.  Any pill that can improve your memory, learning, creativity, focus, concentration or promote wakefulness is considered a Nootropic. They are also called smart drugs because they get the best out of the users.

The effects off nootropics are best demonstrated in the film, ‘Limitless’ which transformed the main protagonist almost instantly into a successful stockbroker. You might consider the movie a bit over the top in its portrayal of the Limitless effects, but it gives an idea about the working of smart drugs.

However, there is a need for users to be wary of medications that they ingest because some might have adverse side effects. Here are factors to consider when using nootropics to be on the safe side.

1. Dosage

Nootropics tend to affect different people differently depending on the dosage that one takes. Every Nootropic on the market has a recommended dosage and therapeutic ceilings. Thus, it is the responsibility of the user to find out from their doctors the sufficient dose to ingest.  It is easy for people to become tempted to take more of a given drug than they are supposed to which might lead to negative side effects and even tolerance. It might also lead to addiction where the user can’t   get by without using the substance. It is safe to stick to the minimal effective dose to avoid unseen dangers.

2. Duration

Nootropics have various health benefits, but like any other substance, the longer the period of use the more likely they are likely to alter your brain function. Those who use nootropics on a daily basis for an extended period are more vulnerable to negative health outcomes. For instance, if you use a substance for eight straight years, your brain will become dependent on it to perform any normal functions.  Avoid taking high doses of nootropics for extended periods to ensure that you stay on the safe side.

3. Brain development

While it is not clear if the use of nootropics could be detrimental in teenage years, there is evidence to suggest that a human brain is fully grown by the age of 25.  Some people point that use of smart drugs before the age of 25 could impair the development of some key areas of the brain. But there is no reason to fear if you are above 25.