For the last three decades, studies show that piracetam has three major benefits. Several types of research show that piracetam can be used to improve learning performance in the short term. The product also is effective in reducing neurological degradation over time. This product is available in 60 oct and 160 oct jar respectively. Piracetam helps to improve brain functioning in elderly people. The product can also be used by patients who are in the state of cognitive decline. It can stimulate the brain to improve learning and memory overall.

It is advisable to take 1.5-6.5 grams per day for beginners. The best dosage for those who use piracetam is 4.8 grams per day. Every person responds to piracetam differently. Piracetam penetrates into the bloodstream faster and remains unchanged. It is said that within 30 hours, the product will have completely been used and discharged from the bloodstream.

There are various modes of action with piracetam. However, the cause of cognitive enhancement is not yet clearly known. Studies indicate that piracetam provides higher membrane fluidity, which permits signaling molecules to pass across easily. It signals the cell that improves cognitive capacity. Piracetam also enhances glutamate neurotransmission, it is proven that over 500mg/kg can tie glutamate receptors for better synaptic transmission. Piracetam enhances the production of protein and phospholipids while at the same time increases receptor density.

Several types of research shows that piracetam is high toxicity; however, 4.5g per pound poses no serious toxic effects in animal tests. An overdose of about 8g per day may have negative health problems, but scientists show no adverse effects for pregnant women. It is recommended by the physicians not to take more than the prescribed dose. Piracetam has little side effects on consumers. It has low toxicity rate when the dose is up to 12g for at least 8 weeks. The clinical officer should be careful when pairing piracetam with pharmaceutical blood-thinning agents that include potent nutraceutical or warfarin options.