Copal Incense Protium amazónico


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3 OZ / 86 Gram Organic Delicious Ecuadorian Copal Incense

Protium amazónico Amazonian Copal

Incan Mayan Copal 100% Resin Sustainably harvested in the Rio Napo Province of Ecuador

Fairtrade and in close cooperation with indigenous communities!

Product Description:

Copal incense is made from tree resin that has been used since pre-Columbian times in various ceremonies and as an ingredient in varnish for wood and trains. It originated in Mexico, but now it grows all over the world. The word Copal is a shortened version of “copalli” which is a Nahuatl word that means incense; to the Mayan people it was called pom and others have nicknamed it young amber. The resin itself was also popular in East Africa which enabled the Indian Ocean to fulfill its demands for this ever popular resin based incense. In modern times Copal is still used as fragrant incense and also in sweat lodge ceremonies by some in Mexico and those residing in Central America.


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