CBD is a great and natural way to get pain relief without resorting to prescription medications or herbs. Here is a guide to ingesting CBD in a few easy steps: 


First step:
Shake well before opening the tincture. This ensures that the CBD oil blends well with grape or coconut oil that the CBD may be suspended in. It is important to shake because CBD oils settle at the bottom of the tincture. Failure to shake will make the CBD oil ineffective and may not provide the same effects.

Second step
Step two requires one to squeeze the dropper top to edge of the CBD oil into the pipette. Once loaded, it can easily be released under the tongue. Continue to fill the dropper as much as you need. It is recommended to take CBD oil before going to bed because it has soothing effects. CBD oil works perfectly for people experiencing sleep problems.

Keep the CBD oil for 60-90 seconds in your mouth to give your body enough time to absorb it. You can drink juice to help you swallow if the CBD oil flavor is too strong.

Third step
Repeat the procedure mentioned above as necessary throughout the day. A lower dose of CBD is recommended for calming and relaxing effects. Using the same dosage consistently for two weeks will allow phytocannabinoids to be developed in the body. You can try to increase your dose if you find that the previous dose is not effective.

These are some simple strategies to take CBD easily and effectively!