Adderall is one the most addictive and widely used drugs for attention deficit disorders. Most people need to take medications long term in order to get the best results.  However, side effects and other complications can be pretty severe and make it hard to cope with. Adderall can help with focus and staying in the zone when it comes to ficus.

Why not skip the prescription and get the focus you want naturally?

Nootropics offer safe and naturally synthesized Adderall substitutes that can do the same job with limited side effects. The best part is these options are non addictive and can be a great way to get focused and motivated even if you don’t have ADHD.


This is a great nootropic can be taken to enhance cognition and attentiveness. Although it is recommended for long-term use, there are no withdrawal symptoms for Noopept like other stimulants. It is considered a mid-range nootropic that has no serious side-effects. Noopept also enables you to have sound sleep at night too, and is not dehydrating like Adderall.

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Adrafinil improves cognitive functions such as learning and memory. It’s affects are similar to Adderall and are subtle. Adrafinil is a great focusing aid used as an energy booster by people involved in demanding jobs or to prepare for rigorous exams. The best part of this Adderall substitute is that users don’t have to worry about side effects such as nausea or headaches.



This is a moderately potent nootropic that works great when it comes to focus and attention. The biggest difference between Adderall and Aniracetam is that it offers mood improvement benefits.  Aniracetam also improves focus to enable you to finish your tasks without feeling unfocused or disorganized. It is appreciated by many for being a natural method of enhancing cognitive functions. Various clinical studies have shown that aniracetam can improve memory, alertness, and concentration while promoting creativity.



There are some really good alternatives to Adderall out there, that don’t need a prescription. You can handle whatever pressures that life throws at you the natural way with nootropics!