• People have been using natural supplements for thousands of years.
  • Civilizations all the world have used natural remedies to cure illness way before the invention of western medicine.
  • Some herbal remedies have been used to cure high cholesterol, chronic pain, mild depression and diabetes.

Here are four types of supplements you can do to get natural results:  

Ayurvedic Ingredients

The use of Ayurveda in for treatment and healing of various conditions goes back thousands of years.  These supplements have been used to promote well being and improve blood, skin, hair and nails. Today, safe and natural supplements as well as personal care products are a great way to get all the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs in convenient and easy to use formulas. Himalaya Herbals neem face wash takes extract from the neem plant in order to fortify this all natural face wash.

Himalaya Herbals also makes an almond and cucumber peel-off mask, incorporating active ingredients from both the nut and vegetable. These contemporary takes on ayurvedic principles and ingredients can get powerful natural results.

Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic supplements manufactured in the United States come with lab-tested quality and consistent results. They are synthesized out of naturally occurring compounds and are good at improving memory, cognition and other aspects of mental function. Try noopept for an energy boost with slight changes to mental functioning:

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If you are trying to unwind and fall asleep naturally, l-theanine is a great choice. It is gentle, relaxing and a lot easier on your body than melatonin.

Natural Herbs 

Tropical herbs and plants offer a lot of benefits when it comes to staying healthy and improving your biochemistry. Used in traditional medicine, many herbs have a long history of being used to treat conditions and are definitely worth a shot.

Bacopa Monneiri is a natural herb that promotes mental calmness and can be used to treat anxiety and depression. It is native to tropical climates like Brazil and has helped ease nerves and treat other kinds of mental illness for generations.


If you are looking for natural compounds that provide consistent pain relief, CBD is a great choice. Originating from the hemp plant, this all natural product can be synthesized and consumed on a regular basis in order to ward of physical and topical pain. It also comes in lotions and other products that are activated as soon as they make contact with your skin.

CBD is also available in edible forms. In low doses this can help relieve stress and create a sense of well-being.