There are so many vendors who sell kratom products online! How can you be sure to know you are going with the best one? Here is a short guide to make sure you are working with the best kratom vendor!

1- Know your product

It’s important that you know what you are looking for and what kind of product you need ahead of time. For example, if you are someone who experiences chronic pain, it might be a good idea to consider kratom powder versus capsules. This will help you get a better value and more active ingredients for the money. If you are just starting out or don’t anticipate needing kratom for a long term condition, capsules or liquid shots may be a good option. Knowing your product ahead of time will help you stay focused and get the best product available, instead of being convinced that something else is what you are looking for.

2- Research the manufacturer

Whether you are buying kratom at a local shop or online, kratom manufacturers are often different than the retailers. It’s important to know where the kratom was harvested, how long ago, and when the package was sealed. Packages that come in an air tight bottle or plastic container will have a longer shelf life because air isnt getting into the bag. Other sealed bags may also be able to preserve freshness, but its a good idea to ask about the expiration date and when the kratom was harvested in these cases. The longer the kratom has been sitting on the shelf, the less alkaloids you will be able to get from it.

The best manufacturers will provide a certificate of authenticity and alkaloid profile with every batch. If you don’t have a lab certificate, look up the brand online to find out about their packaging and handling processes

3- Read reviews and testimonials

Checking out a manufacturer online may give you a lot more input about the brand. Some websites are honest and straight forwards, explaining the procedures and displalying relevant contact information. For many years, kratom has been utilized as medicine in the region. The consumption of kratom has increased rapidly over the last decades due to more demand from the west. The production of kratom by the farmers has improved in the islands. However, many manufacturers overseas do not have proper documentation about their products nor can confirm the alkaloid content of their shipments. This could be a gamble when it comes to getting consistent and quality kratom.

4- Learn about the different strains

When shopping for kratom it is important to have a basic understanding about what each strain can do for you. Its always good to try new things, but some strains will naturally be more helpful to you than others,

Find out more about what strain would be good for you!