Previous studies provide evidence that the nation is spending a lot of money on drug prescription usage this decade. As things stand, the majority of Americans will continue to use prescription drugs for decades to come. As a result of technology, many companies are producing more medications in the market to improve health and quality of life. As the budget prescription research will continue to increase as long as new drugs are still being introduced in the market.
Statistics show that the number of patients who used at least one prescription in the last month increased by 10%. The increase in percentages shows that a majority of Americans are using one or more prescription drugs. Surprisingly, the number of children using one or more prescription drug is higher than that of the adults. The increase of  prescriptions is not just in the USA. This is a global phenomenon.
Currently, most of the children in the USA face health problems such as asthma and central nervous system problems for adolescents. There is a towering number of prescriptions for asthma treatment. On the contrary, drug prescriptions for antidepressants, cholesterol and blood pressure are commonly used by older Americans. All of these conditions can be treated with natural herbs, supplements and powder.

brain drug - Drug Prescription Use in the USA

Paramiracetam for example, is an all natural nootropic that can help lower blood pressure and has uplfiting properties for mood over time.
Lack of access to prescriptions can be a major problem. Many people who can’t afford insurance are also at risk. It is important for everyone to access treatment for chronic illness in the USA. Not only are medications expensive to begin with, but not having health insurance means paying incredible prices for treatment. Natural supplements and herbs are a lot more affordable and effective for treating pain and chronic illness. Find out how kratom and CBD can help you feel better and save you money!