cognitive enhancers - 5 most popular nootropics 2017

nootropics What are the best nootropics that you can use in 2017?  Nootropic supplements have become necessary for a wholesome and productive life, especially in today’s day and age. They are also called cognitive enhancers or brain boosters for their ability to get the best out of our brains.

Some of the notable benefits of using nootropics include enhanced alertness, improved memory, wakefulness, increased mental energy, clarity of thought and concentration. Nootropics and smart drugs are growing in popularity due to their effectiveness.  Below is a list of top 5 Nootropic enhancers for 2017.


CBD Oil popularity has grown significantly as a treatment for pain and emotional distress. The CBD oil has proven to be good at helping people with depressive symptoms and anxiety. Many other benefits have been highlighted by users.


Adrafinil is arguably the most talked about and popular Nootropic that is currently on the market. It was licensed for the USA in 1998 as a treatment of narcolepsy or daytime sleepiness. The popularity of nootropics is down to its off-label uses. It remains illegal to use the substance in the USA without prescription. Adrafinil is one of the best wakefulness promoting agents, but it is used to improve alertness, cognitive enhancement, attention, and concentration.


This is a very revolutionary nootropic stack because it is distinct from all other nootropics. The ingredients are chosen with a keen eye on how they improve cognition and long-term viability.


Fasoratem is the newest kid on the block in the racetam family. Users of this nootropic report intense focus, attentiveness and concentration. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if there is real evidence of the efficacy of this.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is beneficial if you need to have optimal physical and cognitive health. Studies have shown that about 70% of Americans don’t have adequate levels of vitamin D.   With more people staying indoors, there is a greater need to get out more in 2017 or consider nootropics and supplement to get the maximum results.