healing with kratom

Legal action in the United States are  threatening yet again to ban the sale of kratom and mitragyna speciosa alkaloids. Despite negative media attention in recent months, kratom has helped thousands of people benefit from natural and organic pain relief around the world.

Many chronically ill people feel the ban of Kratom will take away herbal remedies that in some cases can be more effective than prescription counter parts.

Here are five things everyone needs to know about Kratom:

1. What is Kratom?

Kratom is the common name for a plant, mitragyna Speciosa. It is grown in Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries for improving energy and as a natural pain reliever. Benefits of some strains of kratom include attentiveness and enhanced alertness. Even though mitragyna speciosa can affect pain receptors to improve well-being and sensation, it is not an opiate and cannot be compared to prescription pain relievers. It is non-addictive and there are no risks of overdosing as it can not cause death.

2. Why do people use Kratom?

People use kratom for a variety of reasons. It is a great addition to pain management routines, and can offer safe and cost-effective relief. It provides consistent pain relief for chronic physical pain. It can also assist in treatment for anxiety, depression and withdrawal from other chemical substances. Kratom is a great tool to help when recovering from prescription pain killers or alcohol and other recreational substances

Kratom is also a safe way to get an energy boost. Many liquid shots are available in the likeness of power energy shot containers

3. How fast Does Kratom Work?

Kratom can be consumed in pill, capsule, liquid or tincture forms. Depending on the dose and method of consumption, a person can feel the mitragyna speciosa within 20-30 minutes. Some onset may be faster than that and can last up to a few hours. Kratom is effective for pain relief and can help people start getting relief within an hour of their dose.

4. What are the side effects?

Kratom, when taken in moderation, does not have significant side effects. An extremely high dose of kratom could lead to some side effects such as nausea, sleepiness, or an upset stomach.

5. How Do I Get Good Quality Kratom? 

Kratom can be purchased online, and delivered right to your door. Discreet shipping will help you get your product safely.A good vendor will have ample information about the product, and the specific batch that they are selling you. Good Quality kratom is lab tested, manufactured in the United States, and can guarantee packaging in sealed containers to maximize freshness.

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