Do you feel stressed out or over worked? Take a chill pill and relax!  

What is k-chill?

K chill energy drinks are designed to keep you up to speed with the inevitable grind. K chill shots are made to lift your mood and leave you feeling energized. The effects are customizable and you can choose the best level all the way from mild to extra energy shots. The drink is also greatly loved by those seeking to boost their mood and maintain energy levels. Once in the body system, K chill works with the brain to produce various results.

The tryptamine alkaloids are responsible for K-chill’s stimulating and  pain relieving effects.  K chill features a mixture of kratom along with other herbal supplements for relaxation and mood improvement. K chill is made of a natural blend of ingredients such a white willow, passion flower and kratom. The effects of k chill could be felt within the first ten minutes of taking the drink, and can keep you energized for approximately six hours.

How does K-Chill work?

K chill comes in liquid form and is bottled for long lasting perfections. It creates a gentle feeling of peaceful well being by acting on  opioid receptors in the brain. WIthout any harmful chemicals, k-chill can gently ease your mind into a state of relaxation without harmful side effects.  A small dose can last the entire day or night.

How much should I take?

K chill can have a potent effect. In some rare cases, first-time users such as women and sensitive individuals have reported that they are affected more strongly.   It is recommended that such individuals take half a bottle on a full stomach then finish the entire bottle after some time if they are experiencing no adverse side effects.Depending on your body weight, you should feel the effects after 10 minutes of ingesting the liquid, which will remain for the next 6 hours.  Under no circumstances, should the product be used by people under the age of 18.