What is 2-FMA?

2- Fluoramethamphetamine, or 2-FMA, is a substance that is a  stimulant. It is a molecule that resembles chemical structures of amphetamines. 2-FMA belongs to a group of molecules that contains phenethylamine.

How does 2-FMA work?

2-FMA has not yet been proven to function like other traditional amphetamines. However, it is safe to use as a substitute. It acts in the same way when it stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters’ dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. It can increase relative concentration. The substance binds to transporter proteins and prevents them from removing monoamines from the synaptic cleft. This process causes dopamine and norepinephrine to be regenerated within the brain. This results to stimulating and euphoric effects. 2- FMA substitutions are enough to limit the activity of the alpha-1 adrenergic receptor.

Does 2-FMA have side effects?

2- FMA has no serious side effects and is a great way to improve cognitive function over time. It does not induce many other  amphetamines suggest. Some of the things you DON’T have to worry about are high blood pressure, nausea, uncomfortable offset, and anxiety. It is the best psychoactive product you can get over the counter. It increases general work performance and can keep you going through the day.

2-FMA is also safe and suitable for recreational purposes because of the intensity of its euphoria and stimulation similar to kratom or phenyl-piracetam.

Can you mix 2-FMA products with other medicine?

2-FMA is safe for use independently without mixing with other substances. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening when used with alcohol, cocaine, tramadol, cannabis, and other stimulants. It is important for users to seek the advice of medical professionals before use. This is to ensure that the use of 2-FMA with other substances is safe. A good rule of thumb is to not mix it with other products without seeking professional advise.