Nootropics also known as smart drugs have various promising benefits such as improved memory, motivation, focus, alertness and increase mental capability. Some nootropics such as modafinil aren’t supposed to be used without prescription. However, most people use nootropics for recreational reasons. Nootropics business brought in $1billion in 2015 alone. This magic pills have attracted the attention of people of all kinds who want to boost their cognitive performance. Here are some of the most widely used nootropics
Caffeine and L-theanine regarded as the best stack
Caffeine and L-theanine are by far the most popular smart drugs on the market. Most of us have used them on various occasions. Caffeine is found in coffee while the L-theanine is in green tea. Caffeine can improve yoru mood and boost your motivation. However, regular use can lead to tolerance which means that you need more to get the same results. L-theanine on the other hand is an amino acid that promotes neuron health and strengthens the immune system. L-theanine also protects the brain from damage caused by toxins. Stacking caffeine and L-theanine helps to reduce psychological and physiological stress. The combination also promotes focus and alertness. These exciting compound can unlock the full potential of your brain. Research has shown that this stack is safe for people of all ages. L-theanine also helps to reduce the jitteriness and anxiety caused by caffeine
Modafinil touted as the best nootropic
Modafinil is a powerful brain booster. It also increases focus and alertness and has very mild side effects. It is prescribed for treatment of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It works a dopamine reuptake inhibitor which means it increase your dopamine levels. It has a powerful reward system which makes one of the most potent nootropics available. It can turn anyone into a superman within an hour or two of taking it. The main difference between this drug and other is that it works well in young and strong people, not just the aged with cognitive issues. That is why many armies around the world are prescribing for their soldiers
Best nootropic practices
Opinion is split on best approaches when it comes to nootropics. However, you need to follow every piece of advice you find online. We all have unique needs that we need to use to gauge how to use these smart drugs. Here are some general best practices that might help if you are beginner
• maintain your recommended dosage and alter it after consulting your physician
• take not of your unique behavior and habits; drugs affect people differently based on their needs, habits and behaviors
• make sure you have done enough homework before using any drug
• keep an eye on any signs of tolerance buildup; take a break should you notice any changes to allow you brain to regroup
• Find out about interactions with other medicines and compounds when using a drug. you can even consult your doctor if you need some clarification
• don’t stack compounds you are not sure about; it is recommended to take each nootropic separately to know how your body reacts

Over the Counter Nootropics: Natural Healing