You don’t have to deal with prescriptions to feel better!

Getting sick is never fun! Some illnesses cause discomfort and pain in the body and spread over time making you feel icky. Doctors may use different methods but most strategies will involve a prescription. Not all illnesses are treated equal. That’s why not all prescriptions are going to do the magic trick.You may not find what their doctor says to be useful, or applicable to the specific situation. If you don’t want to take a prescription, or find that it’s not working, DON’T WORRY!

Natural medicine is a great option for some types of illness. You don’t have to worry about artificial chemicals or compounds or countless side effects with natural herbs and supplements.  Here are some natural ways you can get pain relief without harmful side effects:

CBD is a great way to lower signs of depression, anxiety, tension and physical pain. You can ingest oil, edibles, liquid drops and vapors.

Kratom in a natural powdered form can effectively reduce chronic pain without harmful side effects. Its a great substitute for prescription opiates because it provides pain relief without the risk of over dosing or addiction. It can even help get off of other prescription pain killers.
Fentanyl is one medicine that is delivered through the use of patches to treat pain. The fentanyl administered through patches provides a steady and sustained infusion of the drug. The patch is made of many layers of materials. The medicine is placed on the patch and glued to the skin. It takes about three days for one to experience the full dose that is needed to relieve pain. The patch can be changed after three days.The use of a lollipop-style applicator is another alternative way of administering opioids like fentanyl. This method facilitates quick delivery of medicine direct to the blood stream. It is the most efficient way of delivering medication to the body.

These are just some of the nontraditional ways to ingest pain relief medication. Try CBD or Kratom for a greater sense of well-being and quality of life.