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  • Common Names: BLACK HOOF MUSHROOM, Phellinus linteus is a medicinal mushroom used in Japan, Korea and China for centuries as prevantative medicine.
  • Potential symptom management: It has been used for as diverse conditions as gastroenteric dysfunction, diarrhea, haemorrhage and cancers.

Phellinus linteus is a promising anti-cancer agent, with research showing it has anti-breast cancer activity.

How does Black Hoof Mushroom work?

Extracts from fruit-bodies of Phellinus linteus stimulate the hormonal and cell-mediated immune function; quench the inflammatory reactions caused by a variety of stimuli, and suppress tumor growth and metastasis. Phellinus linteus may also help inhibit the development of autoimmune diabetes (a type of diabetes in which the immune system turns against and destroys cells responsible for producing insulin). In a study published in International Immunopharmacology in 2010, tests on mice demonstrated that extracts from Phellinus linteus may help fend off autoimmune diabetes by regulating the expression of cells involved in the immune response. On top of that, Phellinus linteus may help treat atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema associated with malfunction of the immune system). Scientists examined the effects of Phellinus linteus extract on human cells and on mice. Results revealed that Phellinus linteus may help fight atopic dermatitis by reducing levels of immune cells that play a key role in eczema-related inflammation.

Growing phellinus linteus

One of the biggest conroversies in the medicinal mushroom industry today is the use of mycelium on grain extracts. Mycelium is to a mushrom like what roots are to a tree. When grown properly, they will form whole fuiting bodies; which are called mushrooms. However, to save money, most US producers of medicinal mushroom extracts today grow the mycelium on a bed of grain, like rice.

To speed up production, and to make the end product cheaper to produce, these manufacturers grind up the mycelium and grain together, before allowing them to form whole fruiting bodies. The issue with that is that mycelium is not a mushroom, just like the roots of a tree are not a tree. The beneficial compounds in these mushroom species are all studied with relation to their fruiting bodies. The FDA even states that mycelium is not allowed to be called “mushrooms.” However, many of the biggest brands today thwart that FDA guideline, and put out a cheaply-made, mislabeled, and ultimately inneffective products. They hide this fact by standardizing to “polysaccharides” instead of “β-Glucans.” Well guess what shows up as polysaccharides in the traditional testing? Carbohydrates! Yes, the very carbohydrates from the rice used to grow the mycelium is used as a measure of the active ingredient in these substandard extracts. When you are buying one of the major mushroom extracts on store shelves today, you are buying a bunch of ground up rice mixed in with mycelium! It’s a scam!

Get the Best Phellinus Linteus

This is why we decided to partner with Nammex. We are selling only certified Organic whole fruiting body extracts, which have been tested for not only the active β-Glucans, but to ensure the starch content is low; to prove what you are getting is actual mushroom, not ground up rice. You will know right away how big of a difference it is. You can even go to the store right now, and pick out one of the major mushroom brands. Mix the “mushroom” powder into some water, and ad a drop of iodine. It will quickly turn a dark purple/blue, indicating high amounts of starch. You’ll immediately see how big of a scam it is, and just how many “trusted” brands are in on it!

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