Candida Defense


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You are looking at 90 capsules of Candida Defense with 450mg of blended powder per capsule.

Candida Defense is our designer supplement meant to keep your body impervious to Candida, a moldy overgrowth that takes hold in various parts of the body. It is the leading cause of death among fungal infections in the U.S. and its incidence has been rapidly on the rise (Pfaller, 2007).

Candida can be responsible for a whole host of symptoms including yeast infections, painful swallowing, and irritated bowels. One study showed Candida present in the vagina of 19% of all apparently healthy women tested (Schiefer, 1997).

The ingredients in each capsule are:
Olive Leaf (225mg) – Olive Leaf has been shown to destroy both Candida and its cousin E. Coli (Markin, 2003). It has also been shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels, which is important for Candida sufferers because elevated blood sugar levels can feed yeast overgrowth.*
Oregano Leaf (200mg) – Oregano Oil has been found to completely inhibit the growth of Candida (Manohar, 2001).*
Oregon Grape (175mg) – Oregon grape root is traditionally used as a bowel cleanser, and to treat infections, acid reflux, and stomach ulcers. It also contains berberine, an antibacterial that lowers blood sugar; sugar is food for Candida.*
Pau D’Arco (150mg) – Pau D’Arco has been shown to destroy Candida by interacting with its cell membrane (Hussain, 2007). It has also been shown to clear yeast infections.*
Echinacea (150mg) – Echinachea has been shown to disrupt fungal cell walls and to boost the immune system (Mir-Rashed, 2010).*


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