Ocotea quixos Leaves (Ishpingo)


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Ocotea quixos Leaves-Ishpingo:

Ocotea tea leaves derive from a female Ecuadorian evergreen tree, and are commonly used as spices called Ishpingo. It originates in the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle.

Ocotea Quixos is popularly found in pill, essential oil, and dried leaf forms. It can be effective in small doses and has been growing in popularity over the past decade. Ocotea is an important part of numerous cultures and has medicinal as well as anecdotal value.

Its leaves and extracts have also been used in cooking. The cinnamon like flavor and smell have made it the basis for numerous recipes. Not only does it taste good, but its good for you.

Properties of Ocotea Quixos Leaves

This spice is similar in character to cinnamon, deriving from a tree in the same family, however, its actual level of cinnamaldehyde is less than 5%, compared to its cousin, at up to 50%, meaning that it is less toxic and less likely to cause skin irritations. When taken internally Ishpingo may help reduce blood sugar levels.

Research has shown that this plant can contribute to anti-inflammatory affects and can potentially decrease diabetes when taken over time. It has been used by traditional healers and practitioners for decades as a tool for cleansing and revitalization.

Its warm and spicy aroma is mentally relaxing, affecting the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

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What is Octea quixos?

Octea tea leaves originate from the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, are mainly used to make spices known as Ishpingo.  Octea Quixos is found in essential oil, pill and dried leaf forms. Octea tea leaves works well when used in small doses. Octea is important in various cultures both for its medicinal and anecdotal value that is why it has been growing in popularity in recent years.  Octea has been likened to Cinnamon because they both come from a tree in the same family. However, octea has less than 5% of cinnanmaldehyde which makes it less toxic than its cousin.

Octea quixos properties

  •         Octea quixos leaves are used for cooking because it has flavor like cinnamon which also gives it a good taste
  •         Research has also shown that  Octea can help to reduce inflammation and can also help to heal diabetes when used over time(it is done by reducing blood sugars), that is why traditional healers have been using it for decades for cleansing
  •         It can also be for relaxing the mind due to its warm and spicy aroma. You need fresh octea leaves that are potent and full of authentic flavor.

Origin of Octea Quixos

It comes from the family Lauraceae that comprises 50 plus different species. Octea Quixos comes from a female evergreen Ecuadorian tree that are natives to the Amazon Ecuadorian forest. You might have also heard the name Ishpingo which refers to the naïve tree flowers belonging to the octea tree. The Quenchua people named it so because the flowers only blossom once every two years. You wil be pleased t know that the Octea tree is distinctively separated in male and female tress because it is only the female tree that produces foliage that is therapeutically good enough for manufacture of essential oils

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