The legal uncertainty surrounding Kratom has pushed many to try their hand on an entirely new but related substance, Mitragyna Javanica. This cousin of kratom  is a little known and remains largely unproven compared to other materials such as Kratom. Still, it has years of anecdotal evidence as a pain reliever and all natural form of therapy similar to kratom.


Mitragyna Javanica looks a lot like Mitragyna Speciosa.  The trees have some similarities such as both being study, tall and having broad-leaved. When you check inside the leaves, you will notice some differences. Mitragyna Javanica has some real properties and effects that are commonly associated with Kratom. Some believe that the free occurring alkaloid mitragynine is responsible for most of these effects.  Positive effects such as mood enhancement are often associated with various Kratom strains and forms of Mitragyna Javanica.

Using Mitragyna Javanica instead of Kratom

There has been substantive research that proves Javanica is more potent than Kratom. What has been found is that the two are intimately related. There is not much anecdotal evidences to suggest that Mitragyna Javanica is better than Kratom. Perhaps because not as many people have used Mitragyna Javanica as it is the case with Kratom.

Studies have also shown that Kratom is much more effective in reduction of pain and stress compared to Mitragyna Javanica.  Many people credit this to the high number of alkaloids present in most Kratom strain.

There are differences that exist between Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom, and the ajmalicine is at the heart of that. It is believed that Mitragyna does not have this important alkaloid while Kratom does.  Ajmalicine is thought to be the substance that gives Kratom the added potency that makes it the painkiller of choice for most users.

Why would anyone go with a less compelling alternative when you can get all the benefits in Kratom?  The best part about Mitragyna Javanica is that it is completely legal. There are few restrictions for its purchase or usage and it is often a lot more affordable. It is also a great way to wean off of kratom without going cold turkey. It is also available in various forms including extracts and pastes. Try Mitragyna Javanica for a mild and relatable sense of relaxation, upliftment and well-being.