Why Herbal Outfitters?

Reputable Brands
Herbal Outfitters works with the leading manufacturers of herbal products to provide the best possible solutions. The brands we carry have been individually sampled. Most of our products are manufacture red in the United States and have been verified for authenticity and freshness. We pride ourselves in only working with the most reputable and trusted manufacturers.

High Quality Ingredients
Each of our products has been lab tested for freshness. USA lab certificates are available in most cases. Also, our manufacturers provide certification for each batch, so you can receive a consistent quality and level of accuracy with each order.

Fast Shipping
Don’t stress about when your order will arrive. We offer ongoing customer support and shipments usually arrive within a week. We also have expedited shipping options and personal delivery in some cases. Contact us to find out the fastest way to get your product.

Reliable Support
Because we work with multiple brands and manufacturers, we can always fulfill your order. If an item is out of stock, we are generally able to provide a comparable alternative. You don’t have to wait for your order with Herbal Outfitters. We understand that you need your supplements and have cultivated a network to address your ongoing needs. Taking it one step further, our support team is standing by to assist you. We provide ongoing updates on orders, recommendations and fast responses to any of your questions or concerns. Chat with us today to see how Herbal Outfitters can help you.